Rheumatoid Arthritis

'When I look around at the middle-aged women I know ... I see something entirely different than what’s depicted in the media."
"I am so very grateful to be alive, but eight weeks after receiving the positive test, I still don’t feel completely recovered.'"
Pharmacists told ProPublica that they are seeing unusual and fraudulent prescribing activity as doctors stockpile unproven coronavirus drugs endorsed by President Donald Trump.
I have consistently felt overlooked or placated by doctors when expressing pain or other symptoms.
According to a report by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), more than 116 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Managing
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No matter their background, those who participate in pole dancing should be able to do so without judgment looming over them.
The cruelty present within the Republican mindset is breathtaking.
Nowadays, a lot of people are talking about genetics and what finding out about our genes can mean for us. How can it impact