A new report is showing that the Rhode Island school system is failing to meet the needs of the state’s growing Latino population
As a matter of practice, Providence Schools would not comment on the specifics of an individual's resignation letter. We
Peers of the punished students said the children were terrified and never want to see the teacher again. Parents are still
According to the PBS report, sixth, seventh and eighth graders spend two mornings a week in the field with an instructor
Class sizes, teachers have reported, are rising as school districts feel the sting of these cuts. Compounding those trends
We do not just train students for particular jobs; we prepare them for a lifetime of change and adaptation and provide them with the most important skill of all: the skill to learn new skills.
In response to questions about the policy, Central Falls’ Superintendent Frances Gallo wrote in an email, “It is well documented
In a divisive education policy conversation which pits one set of schools and politicians against another, educators must lead the charge to learn from other schools. We must stand on the shoulders of those who work alongside us.
The STEM fields do indeed contribute to our technology-based economy, but whether they do so for good or ill depends upon how we grow these new educational shoots and to what end.
Few educators would argue against the importance of using media and technology in the classroom. Yet, we have made very little progress in implementing any media literacy curriculum on a national, or even statewide, level.
Monday's decision places Rhode Island among 13 states that have enacted laws that address in-state eligibility for undocumented
"If these children had knives in their hands, she would've been dead a long time ago," one mother says in the piece as she
We've witnessed several years of this administration generally unconcerned about rising class sizes and teacher layoffs. The truth is that for the past two years, their priorities have pointed in an entirely different direction.
"Smart" and "cool" needn't be kept apart, and many smart kids who want to be artists and artistic kids who want a rigorous academic program have been frustrated by the need to make a choice.
You might be of the view that social media sites have revolutionized the way that people learn from each other. But if you are, you probably aren't serving in the legislature of Rhode Island.
A lower academic profile affects the six-year graduation rates.The percentage of students who obtain a baccalaureate degree
Bobb won the confidence of much of the community early on by uncovering and eliminating fraud and waste. But when he turned
This year was not the first in which Monica Iñiguez, a 4th grade teacher at Noble Avenue Elementary, in Los Angeles, received
NEA President Dennis Van Roekel and AFT President Randi Weingarten are not the only union leaders who are bending over backwards to help reform education.
The fundamental principle of school reform, in the Age of Bush and Obama, is measure and punish. If students don't get high enough scores, then someone must be punished.