A new report is showing that the Rhode Island school system is failing to meet the needs of the state’s growing Latino population
The Providence teacher's scathing departure is not unlike another: A September post by former Boston teacher Adam Kirk Edgerton
"Parents obviously, justifiably complained," Frank Lombardi of the Cranston School Committee told WPRI. "If I had my druthers
Watch Reinventing Summer School to stop kids' Learning Loss on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour. “I think we have to get better
Schools, HIV testing, childcare and unemployment programs are all "under threat" as across-the-board cuts, known as sequestration
We do not just train students for particular jobs; we prepare them for a lifetime of change and adaptation and provide them with the most important skill of all: the skill to learn new skills.
She claims that the frequently absent graduates met state requirements and made up missed classroom time on weekends and
In a divisive education policy conversation which pits one set of schools and politicians against another, educators must lead the charge to learn from other schools. We must stand on the shoulders of those who work alongside us.
The STEM fields do indeed contribute to our technology-based economy, but whether they do so for good or ill depends upon how we grow these new educational shoots and to what end.
Few educators would argue against the importance of using media and technology in the classroom. Yet, we have made very little progress in implementing any media literacy curriculum on a national, or even statewide, level.