Asheville is a lovely town in North Carolina where hipsters meet farmers, artists meet artisans, street food meets street people, and where adventurous restaurants lure masses of hungry tourists.
Learn about these tart stalks, and then get recipes for rhubarb pie, rhubarb crisp and more rhubarb desserts.
I know what you're thinking. Jell-O shots? Don't those belong at a sorority party, stuffed stickily inside a fleet of wilting Dixie cups, on a tray resting haphazardly on a beer pong table?
Take down that picnic basket -- these portable hand pies want to go with you on your next adventure.
Look for these fruits and vegetables at the market in the upcoming months, for the best flavor (and value).
Think ramps, rhubarb and pea shoots.
Rhubarb shines all on its own.
Each of these spirits is a history lesson, which really appeals to the specific kinds of nerds we are.