rhythm and blues

With the freedom of an independent release, the trio decided to put the album out two tracks at a time as doubles instead
Russell Scott is a Portland, Oregon native who is trained in the trumpet, saxophone, and flute, among other things. He artfully
Hazmat Modine official video for "Moving Stones" Born in Bogalusa, Louisiana, and raised in New Orleans, "Fess" first began
Barely old enough to drink, singer-actor Cierra Ramirez is poised to take the stage in global fashion with an urban/pop EP
Teyonah Parris ("Chi-Raq," "Mad Men") is dazzling in a new TVONE film based on the life of R&B singer Miki Howard called "Love Under New Management: The Miki Howard Story."
BJ The Chicago Kid has definitely earned every accolade his has received and will receive. He is more than a gospel soul singer; he's innovative and visionary with the ability to give your favorite singers their soul back or at least, direct them to finding it.
There's a famous Supreme Court opinion written by Justice Potter Stewart which contains the phrase, "I know it when I see it." Without getting into the specifics of that case, the phrase itself is appropriate to describe the feeling I had when I first heard, and even more so, when I first saw Eryn Allen Kane.
Silk has been gifting us with the aural answer to foreplay since they slid onto the music scene in the 90s with pulsating, bed-breaking anthems from "Freak Me" to "Lose Control."
Along with his uncorrupted face and pubescent tenor, that kind of zeal over starry peripherals would put him at around 19