Riane Eisler

Can a global fund for women’s entrepreneurship without more move women towards gender parity?
We must now join together in the deep, long-term work of moving our culture forward.
I believe Yanis Varoufakis represents the grounded, value-based intellectual of a leader who has what it takes to survive the relentless demands for transparency in today's environment of global connectivity.
Being seen as "soft" is not good neither for a man nor for women in corporations or politics. There is clearly a cultural fear of "softness." And do you know what? I think it is a fear well-founded! Because softness achieves so much more, in an unbeatable way.
We asked our two guests to each tell us a story about a personal experience of Oneness that each of them had at some point in their lives
In the last few weeks something amazing happened: the U.S. economy and its international credit rating were taken hostage by a Republican Party that has itself been high-jacked by extremists.
If you and your family are planning to see movies this holiday season, I can't recommend "The King's Speech" and "The Fighter" highly enough.
If we continue to only look overwhelmingly to male leaders who refuse to embrace the nurturing instincts that are symbolized by the feminine then we will miss the opportunity for a better future for our children.
In watching their conversation it became clear to me that they approached the world differently. I would even say that Chopra and Eisler approached their lives from opposite perspectives.