Rice Krispies Treats

Kids with visual impairments can get loving messages with their snacks through Braille stickers and audio boxes.
In my opinion, pre-packaged Rice Krispies Treats don't hold a candle to homemade ones.
It's time to ditch your boring Rice Krispie treats and try out some new ones.
These are not just any ordinary Rice Krispies Treats, though. These are pieces of art made by Jessica Siskin, Food Artist
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There's something so wonderfully wholesome about a Rice Krispie treat.
Marshmallows are back. They're mad that we invented Peeps. They want revenge. They are bouncing and shimmering in fancy restaurant desserts, bobbing softly in cocktails. They might even turn up in tonight's beer.
During my eight years in Taiwan, I learned to adore Chinese food in all its permutations. One sweet snack I loved in particular would start showing up in the local pastry shops as Chinese New Year rolled around.
Many of us know all too well the quintessential bake sale item -- Rice Krispies treats. We've all had our fill of them, especially