rich kids of instagram

Research has found that privileged kids are, as a whole, more self-centered, depressed, and self-destructive. They're more narcissistic, but struggle to develop a sense of self. And yet, they excel, often quite notably, in academics, sports, and other pursuits. So what we have is a generation of paradox: Bright, talented, increasingly troubled children.
E!'s hit series "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills" returned last week with a handful of changes. A new cast member with a last name I'm sure you'll recognize, longer episodes and from what I hear, a lot of drama.
They put the “money” in money shot and definitely don’t hold back showcasing the high life and luxury they wake up to every day.
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Of course, he's not the only one in the family, who likes to show off on Instagram: Well, it's called "Keeping Up With The
"Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills" is being billed as "'Clueless' with a modern makeover," which hopefully means the eight-episode
One of your photos shows you releasing $4,000 tied to balloons into the air. Did this actually happen? Did you retrieve the
As absurd as it might sound to many, it's not easy being a rich kid. Their parents tend to have high expectations. They think their money is their most notable quality. And so they learn to use it -- to buy affection, or friends.
This kitty craze was inspired by Tumblr blog "Rich Kids of Instagram," which (now infamously) documents some of the wealthiest