Richard B. Spencer

Their YouTube channels and several others were terminated for violating policies prohibiting hate speech.
"When I attempt to raise money, there are various groups that make it their life’s mission to get me kicked off the platform,” Spencer told a judge.
Richard Spencer — a lifelong Republican who was fired for speaking out against Trump over the Eddie Gallagher case — will endorse his former boss' rival.
Richard Spencer wrote to clarify what happened when he resigned over the case of a convicted war criminal, Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher.
Jake Tapper appeared to defend the segment, saying the reporter who interviewed Spencer "does a great job."
Navy Secretary Richard Spencer said Adm. William Moran's decision to retire instead was prompted by a poor judgement professional relationship.
A monologue on the TV drama has conservatives claiming CBS was "inciting violence" against Nazis.
Despite the so-called alt-right’s attempt to be respectable, violence seems to follow it everywhere — even, allegedly, into Spencer’s own home.
Nina Koupriianova says her husband, the prominent white nationalist, was physically and emotionally violent to her.
Dorsey also protected continued Twitter access by white nationalist Richard Spencer, according to The Wall Street Journal.