richard blanco

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As a poet and storyteller, I have dedicated my life's work to understanding that emotional embargo -- that invisible Berlin Wall across the straits between Cuba and Florida.
"It's such a complex issue, and I don't think we may have hit the tipping point yet," he said of the status of immigration
Though bold efforts for recognition have paid off, the fight continues. Today, 19 states and Washington D.C. have legalized
On the surface, Blanco's story is that of a Cuban-American boy trying to figure out where he belongs: geographically, culturally and sexually. But as he intimately and expertly related through his poetry, his emotional experiences are universal.
It's been a good 12 months for Latinos. From firsts like Richard Blanco reading his poem at Obama's Inauguration to Julian
So many things have changed for Richard Blanco since he was named the 2013 presidential inauguration poet. Even poetry has
When the media uses every "first" as an excuse to breathlessly declare old barriers broken, they end up diluting the very accomplishment they hope to highlight.
Blanco, a son of Cuban exiles who was born in Spain and brought to South Florida as a small child, will recite his poems
It was inevitable that Richard Blanco's selection as Obama's second inaugural poet would provoke a response from a predictably vocal segment of the Cuban exile community. But I was surprised at what Zoe Valdes posted recently on the right-wing website.