richard carmona

The sound bites. The fundraising. The phony attacks. Richard Carmona despised all of it.
Practical solutions to immigration are a tough sell in places like Arizona.
Through the release of American Sniper, Americans unacquainted with the mental trials and tribulations veterans face once home can see, hear and emotionally feel just how powerful these unfortunate experiences are.
The people don't want a Democratic or Republican Surgeon General, just as they don't search for their personal physician by political affiliation. They want the best, most qualified physician to entrust with their health.
We should act to strengthen the Office of the Surgeon General by protecting it from political manipulation. In our hyper-partisan political world characterized by gridlock and great political poetic license in the interpretation of science to support preconceived political biases, who will have the responsibility to speak scientific truth to power?
Parents count of schools to "do right" by our children and to ensure that, just as kids learn reading and math skills that lay the foundation for later learning and success, healthy eating is taught and modeled throughout the school day as well. This is important for all kids, but especially for low-income children.
Mantell: How do you see certified health coaching positively impacting the baby boomer generation. Seems to me my acronym
Infectious diseases impact more than our health. Annually, the United States spends more than $120 billion to treat communicable
They put on their country's uniform to protect the principles of liberty on which our country was founded; brave men and women who put their lives in the face of danger to protect our freedom. They're heroes.
Advancing telemedicine is a good step in the right direction which will allow the medical field to fully harness the promise of new and innovative technology no matter where the patient or her doctor are.
It is horrific to envision the scene at those hospitals the day of the alleged attacks. For health care professionals, the most difficult task in such a situation is immediately determining what type of poison the patient was exposed to, in order to choose the proper course of treatment.
Duval spokesman Rodd McLeod declined to comment on his boss' reaction to Carmona's decision. Duval has been making moves
Former Democratic Senate candidate Richard Carmona says he will not run for governor of Arizona in 2014, answering one of
“He’s looking at all his options,” Carmona’s spokesman Andy Barr told the Republic. “I think if he were to run, the infrastructure
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) spoke out Saturday on the voting issues in Arizona, calling for them to be counted