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richard davidson

Sometimes, hearing the right question is just as critical as finding the right answer.
When you hear the word "mindfulness," the word "productivity" isn't likely the first association that comes up for you is it?
We know that we need good business acumen, but we also need to have the emotional intelligence that allows us to effectively serve and care for team members. We also need to be competent, and we need to be able to inspire others with a positive vision of the future.
Classically Metta-Karuna is complemented and completed by two other essential factors. The first is a boundless quality of
But it's important to note that the beneficial effects of mindfulness also extend to non-clinical populations. Anyone can
It doesn't take a lifetime of practice to see a positive shift in our brain and behavior. HuffPost Live's Roy Sekoff sat
"I talk about happiness as a skill. It's actually something that can be cultivated," he said. "Everything we've learned about
In the pursuit of great dialogue and facilitation I was kindly invited by Arianna Huffington to watch four of her sessions at Advertising Week in New York City.
Although Western psychologists have been studying the ancient contemplative practice since the 1970s -- mindfulness pioneer
At the Thrive CEO Summit at AdWeek on Wednesday, leading neuroscientist Richard Davidson told host Arianna Huffington that
Hike. Meditate. I didn't do either of them seriously until I hit my 40s. Still not "perfect" at either, but much less afraid of them now than I was decades ago. Yes, more skillful.
As someone who has spent decades at the forefront of brain research, Dr. Richard J. Davidson is well acquainted with the
If you are one of those highly accomplished, over-caffeinated, exhausted business leaders, you're in luck. It is now cool to admit it, and approach things in a healthier way.
The Pope's challenge for leaders to fight for a "better distribution of wealth" started out the week's proceedings on an
On Thursday, he discussed one such study in which individuals were brought into a laboratory and given $100 each. One group
As an exploding body of clinical research confirms that mindfulness helps reduce stress and promote healing, learning and neuroplasticity, a parallel line of study on the practice of loving-kindness has begun to converge with exciting new research on positive emotions and the brain.
The book demonstrates that meditation can affect not only the minds of long-term meditators. Even short-term practice, it shows, can produce dramatic results in the rawest of novices.