richard haste

We cannot achieve any legal, political or social progress without legal, political and social consequences for individuals -- not just institutions.
Federal prosecutors said they lacked proof the officer "willfully" deprived the 18-year-old of his civil rights.
The slain teen’s father wants to know why Officer Richard Haste is being rewarded.
"You can't break into someone's home and kill them and walk away scot-free. It's just not right."
On February 2, 2012, the NYPD says a narcotics unit saw Ramarley “adjust his waistband” outside a Bronx bodega -- which indicated
That indictment, however, was thrown out because of a technicality. A second grand jury decided not to indict Haste, and
The NYPD did not respond to a Huffington Post request for comment on the status of its Internal Affairs investigation. The