richard iii

The beloved 1953 L. P. Hartley novel--that famously begins "The past in a foreign country; they do things differently there
When the University of Leicester in collaboration with Richard III society excavated the remains of King Richard III in a council car-park in 2012, I never thought I'd see a live adaptation of this discovery.
With HB 2, Pat McCrory fleeces every worker of employment protections including the right to sue in state court for discrimination based on "race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex or handicap."
Trumpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Trumpty together again. As far as we know, Donald Trump, unlike Richard III, does not have a hump. He has a lot of money. That is his crutch, and that may doom him in the end.
She said she was happy to be there, but was not ready to rewrite history just yet. Royalty, religious leaders and actor Benedict
The outer limestone coffin discovered at the Grey Friars dig site. Archaeologists recently cracked open a mysterious "coffin
Rutty and his colleagues say these wounds suggest that a sword or a staff weapon was shoved into the king's neck, and then
Seven days; lots of science in the news. Here's our roundup of this week's most notable and quotable items.
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Thank goodness our ancestors couldn't get along. Thanks to the BAFTA award-winning "The Hollow Crown" series in 2012, you
The Church of England's Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, and the Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Vincent
The head injuries are consistent with some near-contemporary accounts of the battle, the researchers said in findings published
Samples from Richard III's teeth, a bone which develops in childhood, indicate he moved from Fotheringhay Castle in eastern
Yes, yes, I know -- spidermanspidermanspidermanspiderman. I'll get to it. But my favorite movies of the week, as usual, are the small ones. Let's start with Amma Asante's Belle, a Jane Austen-ish film based on a true story.
Anyone in the ensemble of The Cripple of Inishmaan, especially Ingrid Craigie and Gillian Hanna When this rule first came
Professor Biddle, emeritus fellow of medieval archaeology at the University of Oxford, flagged another issue. While the location
After his death in August 1485, Richard's body was taken to Leicester and buried in a hasty grave; the location of the grave
Kim the Third might seem, with his Falstaffian girth, more a figure of humor than a figure to be feared. Appearances have proven deceiving. He has quickly demonstrated that, like his grandfather, he will act decisively and ruthlessly to maintain his perch.
Not Leicester. Not York. But Fotheringhay. Perhaps Elizabeth II can put forth this Solomonesque peace offering to the now
In busy spells -- which in the Broadway arena typically include the two weeks before Thanksgiving and the month before the various award deadlines in the spring -- it is not uncommon for critics and award nominators to find themselves at five or six a week. Eighteen in 16, though, is overdoing it.