Richard Land

Citing Jesus’ “calm tranquility,” Moore likes to speak of the need to defend Southern Baptist ideals by using “convictional
By David Gibson Religion News Service "My goal is to join with the SES family to produce an ever increasing number of graduates
Incidentally, Land is a strong supporter of the Boy Scouts gay ban -- a position that led to a contentious exchange between
Land employs both the Golden Rule and Jesus' Greatest Commandment to justify shooting someone to death if necessary, so long as there is a perceived threat against someone you consider your neighbor. But then, why is there nowhere in the Bible that Jesus endorses violence?
By Adelle M. Banks Religion News Service (RNS) Richard Land, the man who became the public face of the Southern Baptist Convention
"That's the challenge, of course, that every candidate has, once you stake out a position and you change that position, particularly
If Richard Land is driven from the public square it will be a sad day for the Christian community which sorely lacks smart spokespeople who can tell the rest of the country what's on its mind.
"It grieves me to hear that any comments of mine have to any degree set back the cause of racial reconciliation in Southern
Below the surface, the largest Protestant denomination in North America still has serious race problems, proving once again that old paradigms die hard.
"Land made no mention of Kuhner during the segment," Weaver said. "Listeners did not know that he was quoting Jeffrey Kuhner