Richard Lewis

"One of the greatest of all time. A legend. A showman. A comedic icon. A movie star. An activist. A one of a kind. RIP."
Now that it's inevitable that Donald Trump will become the 45th (and Greatest-Ever) President of the United States (he's told us this many times, so we know it's true) it is very important that he picks a fabulous running mate. Someone who can contribute to a landslide victory this November. Donald wants to win "BIGLY"!
When last we saw Larry David on his classic television show Curb Your Enthusiasm a number of years ago, he was wandering the streets of Paris with good friend Leon. And then the scene faded out and Larry David faded away. And since then, I've been desperately seeking Larry!
In his long dynamic career, Bob Hope's story resonates as a cultural history of the last decade: a rags-to-riches immigrant
knowing that a considerable amount of our time is spent at work and in the case of a growing population interacting across cultures when at work, it is essential to develop the skills that will allow us to better understand one another by meeting the culturally different person halfway.
You'll hear it in the show, and I'm not going to hide it: I was kinda intimidated talking to Richard Lewis.
In this sense, the child's dream vision isn't all that different from an artist's vision, as both give shape to our furtive
The moment that David Brenner went on stage, the audience went nuts. As the comedians would say, he killed. His act was flawless, and Brenner soon became a regular performer at the club.
What I would hope people take from Sid Caesar's life work was his willingness to take the risk that led to something new and hysterically wonderful.
Bogdanovich approaches me again –- he's a very nice fellow, but also intimidating –- and says he has time to talk. Trying
On Thursday night, the 9th of May, 2013, as a rainbow descended into Hollywood and a cotton-candy sunset filled the firmament of Beverly Hills, the Paley Center for Media L.A. celebrated a humor deity: the one and only Mel Brooks.
If this were Dutch Masters instead of American Masters, I'd have a box of cigars, gripes Mel Brooks about the enterprise
During a screening of "Vamps" at the Brooklyn Academy of Music back in April -- part of a series put together by Lena Dunham
Truth is being brutalized by the very people who are supposed to be protecting them: politicians, their surrogates and their campaigns.
Unlike negative reactions to my review of The Dark Knight Rises this week, actual news happened last night in the form of a tragedy, when someone walked into a suburban Denver multiplex and killed at least a dozen people.
Welcome to the latest session of We Sing Your Tweets. The superstar musical duo Kevyn Smith and Jeremy Johnson, who put 140
Chatman intentionally organizes shows that appeal to a youthful audience. "I try to put photos of the artists [on the wall
Seminar Where: Golden Theatre, 252 W. 45th Street between Broadway and Eighth Avenue; (212) 239-6200 When: Various times
Lewis, who obsessively goes over his new material before hitting the stage and winging it, found himself distracted by his