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The leader of an audacious tea party plan in Kentucky to oust Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) believes unknown forces orchestrated the 2008 financial collapse to give Barack Obama the presidency.
“He’s Big Washington,” Fettig said. “He doesn’t listen to the people. He doesn’t listen to voters.” WASHINGTON -- The leader
Lugar told host Chuck Todd he believes the Tea Party creates divisions within the GOP and pushes away Democrats, creating
I write to let you know that one citizen recognizes and appreciates the personal choices you made putting country over career, endangering your political longevity for the good of the polis.
On Sunday, Lugar, 80, argued that national conservative groups had painted a misleading picture of his record, managing to
The DSCC points out that Mourdock still has tweets on his campaign Twitter account that showcase his history with the Tea
Leaders of Hoosiers for a Conservative Senate, an umbrella group of Indiana's 80 Tea Party groups said the coalition was
In a legislative body like the Senate where compromise and bipartisanship have long been necessary, this is another blow for getting things done.
One of the senators I disagreed with on many issues but came to greatly admire was Richard Lugar. Last week, he lost his bid for a sixth term in the Indiana Republican primary. He will be sorely missed in the next Senate.
Too often, moderate incumbents like Lugar lose perspective of why they were elected, how to do their jobs and the plight of their constituents.