Richard Neal

President Donald Trump’s reason to not give up his tax returns may have just been blown up, thanks to President Richard Nixon.
Contrary to the Trump administration, Congress actually HAS grabbed a sitting president's confidential tax info before.
Holyoke, Massachusetts, Mayor Alex Morse is taking on Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.), chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee.
Here's what to expect from House Democrats' lawsuit seeking the president's financial information.
We're six months into Democratic control of the House, and they still haven't sued over the president's secret tax returns.
A proposal from Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.) would upgrade the Earned Income Tax Credit. The odds against it remain high.
The Justice Department sided with the Treasury Secretary on shielding Trump's finances.
Federal law says Congress can have the documents. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin says no.
The Treasury secretary previously said he'd be happy to give Congress details on the process.
The Trump administration is defying a federal law that is supposed to give Congress access to private tax information.
Democrats probably need a court to force the administration to obey the law.
It will be up to courts to force the administration to comply with the law and allow the president's tax returns to be released to Congress.
Trump's plan is apparently to disobey the law and hope a friendly judge bails him out.
The White House continues to push back on Democrats' request for six years' worth of the president's tax returns.
House Democrats formally demanded Trump's tax returns earlier this month. He didn't meet their deadline.
Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said he needs to consult with the Justice Department before he'll comply with a legal request for President Donald Trump's tax information.
A bill supported by Democrats and Republicans would make permanent a program that bars the IRS from ever developing its own online tax filing service.
The senator has also asked for the information, but said he doubts Democrats' recent legal move to get it will work.
The acting White House chief of staff accused Democratic lawmakers of orchestrating a "political hit job."
Unlike with the Mueller report, Democrats want to see the president's tax returns before making them public.