Richard Neal

Democrats successfully fought to get Trump’s tax returns public when he was president. That won’t happen now he’s running again.
Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) called tax disclosure “a dangerous new weapon.” But Republicans have deployed it themselves and could do so again.
The government came perilously close to defaulting in the 2011 debt limit fight, and if Republicans win the midterms, another fight looms.
In a win for progressives, the proposal retains the previous income threshold below which Americans would qualify for the full payment.
A congressional race that got national attention at the last minute was dominated by local issues that benefited Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.) over a local mayor.
The 16-term incumbent from Western Massachusetts defeated progressive Alex Morse, a local mayor.
Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse's criticism of Rep. Richard Neal's coziness with private equity tests the potency of an anti-corruption message for Democratic voters.
In the solidly blue Bay State, this year's Democratic primaries are the main event.
Holyoke, Massachusetts, Mayor Alex Morse, who is challenging Rep. Richard Neal, wants to cancel the island's debt.
A TV spot from a pro-Neal super PAC used discredited allegations to attack challenger Alex Morse.