Richard Painter

The attorney general drew backlash after calling Democratic "resistance" against the president a dangerous "holy mission."
"Any other American who offered cash to the jury before a trial would go to prison for felony bribery," writes attorney Richard Painter.
Walter Shaub and Richard Painter blasted the plans, calling them "unacceptable" and “the most overt corruption to date."
The former White House ethics attorney said Trump has “committed multiple high crimes and misdemeanors."
Richard Painter railed against spending taxpayer money to help the president's personal businesses.
Richard Painter said the House's reluctance is a "dereliction of duty."
Richard Painter, former chief ethics lawyer for George W. Bush, said the arrangement "looks bad."
Richard Painter calls for the GOP lawmaker's arrest, saying he was trying to intimidate lawyer Michael Cohen on the eve of his congressional testimony.
"The president is not well at all mentally. I think he’s an extreme narcissist."
He said the president better move fast because time is running out.