richard ross

The suspect ran away, but was quickly apprehended by other officers.
If someone told me that I would have a reason to bring up the names of Pope Francis and Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy in the same sentence, I would have highly doubted it. But, here it is.
Why are so many girls, especially girls of color, confined in our nation's detention facilities, and what are we as a society going to do about it? We must all work tirelessly to give hope and a fair chance to these girls and all children by promoting policies, programs, and supports that help them and their families, especially those most at risk.
Institutional detention, however, does not solve the fundamental problems causing delinquency, and no matter how hard we try to provide care for youth in detention, we will not change their lives until we provide early support for them in their communities.
Ross tells me a story of a young boy, who has mental health problems, and is under 14. He shot his father dead with a gun
The photographs are accompanied by short vignettes about the young people Ross photographed and interviewed over the course