Richard Strauss

The GOP lawmaker responded to a referee's allegation that Jordan waved off former Ohio State team doctor Richard Strauss' sexual misconduct in 1994.
A new lawsuit alleges that GOP congressman and staunch ally of President Donald Trump was aware of sexual abuse by disgraced doctor Richard Strauss.
"I wish Jim ... would stand up and do the right thing and admit [he] knew what Strauss was doing," the former referee said.
The university stated in its annual crime report that Dr. Richard Strauss committed at least 1,429 sexual assaults and 47 rapes during his 20-year tenure.
Survivors say a new report should require the school to take action against the former sports doctor, and that coaches like Jim Jordan had to have been aware.
Dr. Richard Strauss was a faculty member at OSU for 20 years, and he spent much of that time as the athletics team physician.
At least 145 people have accused physician Richard Strauss of sexual misconduct from 1979 to 1997.
Over 100 athletes have accused former team doctor Richard Strauss of sexual abuse.
Dr. Richard Strauss, who died in 2005, is accused of sexually assaulting students during his 40-year tenure at OSU.
The head of the Freedom Caucus said Ohio State University wrestlers' allegations he ignored sexual abuse were “not true.”
A former wrestler said Rep. Jim Jordan "is absolutely lying if he says he doesn’t know what was going on."
I alerted Nadja to a trick question. It is 1913 - "What roles would be in Emilia's repertoire?" "Yoga," she replied. "Emilia
The publication of these letters should have changed everything. Sadly, a small release at a local Charlottesville bookstore did not make international headlines, and so this important history of Der Rosenkavalier has gone largely unnoticed.
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Just as we think of the films of the exceptionally gifted Leni Riefenstahl as Nazi art, so we are in an inexorable process of appreciating much of the art of Richard Wagner as such.
Instead of asking for forgiveness or otherwise expressing regret for the past, or even honestly and clearly acknowledging it, what most of these Nazi-tainted German artists have done at best, individually or collectively, is what might be called gestures of redress
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