The package was intercepted before it reached the White House, law enforcement officials said.
The bureau said a University of Minnesota student may have "intentionally" been handling the biological toxin.
The envelopes, allegedly sent by William Clyde Allen III to President Trump and top military chiefs, were thought to contain ricin.
Jordan Gonzalez, 34, pleaded guilty in May 2014 in federal court in New Jersey. The toxins, extracted from plant seeds, are
Georgetown University said in a statement on Wednesday that no one had been found suffering from exposure to ricin, and that
The guilty plea "has eased our community and eased our victims and the other people he could have come in contact with," said
According to the indictment, Adams met in April 2011 with co-conspirators and suggested forming a militia group to attack
(h/t Mashable) “The anonymity of the market place and near anonymity of the currency made it nearly impossible for law enforcement
A mashup of ricin moments on "Breaking Bad."
In a fiery speech Saturday before cheering supporters, the National Ricin Association's Duane LaPierre took on advocates for new poison laws and said a national background check bill "got the defeat that it deserved."