rick moody

When they ask us what we did to avert disaster, we need to be able to say: “Our best.”
According to Dyan's Alexis Marsh... "I wanted a spare sound to reflect the openness of the prairies where I grew up, a community
Rick Moody's latest novel tells the story of a man's life through his online hotel reviews.
Jerry is one of those rare writers who goes between Hollywood screenplays and novels. He writes dark subversive stories and he somehow continues to get away with it.
'My essay was about flows and probabilities. It was not a rhetorical bludgeoning, which I feel so often from literature of the mainstream these days."
Here are Bowie's 42 words. Let us know what sense you make of them in the comments section. For more, head ove to NME. David
I have written things in appalling circumstances. In the worst motels, on scraps of paper and envelopes. And oftentimes the reduced circumstance takes me to creative places I wouldn't go otherwise.
Peter Silberman sings and plays guitar in Brooklyn-based band The Antlers. Their most recent album is Undersea. In turbulent
Yaddo, in Saratoga Springs, New York, is more than America's most prestigious artist retreat: it is a testament to one couple's determination to transubstantiate loss into works of art.
Wesley Stace's eclectic talents make him a hard man to pin down. For over 20 years he's recorded highly literate folk music under the name John Wesley Harding. We spoke recently in Manhattan.