Rick Sanchez

Fox's backlash to Sam's kiss is premised on the same stereotypes and stigma about gay sexuality that has motivated more vocal opponents of LGBT equality for decades.
"We think there's a big enough audience out there," he said of MundoFox. "I'm really, really excited about this. I think
Former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez--who was let go from the network in October 2010 following comments he made on a radio program
Regardless of whether Cubans see themselves as being different than Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Hondurans or other Hispanics, the fact is that the rest of the world tends to see us as one big homogenous group. And so whether we like it or not, these are our issues.
There is a joke among Israelis that for every two people here, there are at least three opinions. That's what makes the stories of the three men I'm about to tell you about so unexpected.
Micky Rosenfeld is Israel's anti-terrorism superstar. He looks like a uniformed Hollywood pin-up. Then he confides in me what he says keeps him up at night: the rockets are no longer being made in Gaza.
Mahmoud Abbas' acceptance of responsibility for the predicament in which both sides find themselves is remarkable, if for no other reason than because no other Palestinian leader has ever acknowledged rejecting the U.N.'s 1947 borders as a mistake.
When the lineup came out in July, the NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous sent out a press release clearly disappointed
Nearly a year after his controversial comments about Jon Stewart and Jews got him fired from CNN, Rick Sanchez is speaking