Rick Springfield

For birthdays it isn't unusual for our kids to ask for live concerts instead of tangible gifts. Last year for our daughter, it was Katy Perry and for our son, Justin Timberlake. Music has been an essential part of our daily lives so it is only natural that we have shared that love with our children.
She is the best actress of our generation, perhaps of any generation. She has won three Academy Awards and eight Golden Globes, among her iconic performances. But even the best of us make bad choices.
The musician and actor said his ego "got the better" of him with "Hard To Hold."
Jonathan Demme's Ricki and the Flash is one of those near-misses that feels as though a lot of discussion went into the rationale behind every wrong-headed decision. 
What is it about Rick that made his career continue on, despite his demons, to have such consistent creative output after all these years? I decide to ask the man himself. I get his email address from mom to ask for a chat, to which he kindly replies, "when's good for you?"
So, he tried another route. "I actually said, 'Do you know who I am?'" Springfield says. "Because of my son... I'm failing
Ken Sharp, who I met through this column, has sent me something like five books. I've dug them all enough to write 'em up. What can I tell you, oy, he's done it again.
Ron Weisner: "When you're involved in the music world that I've been involved with, I was in the record end of it first and then the management next, then the television live concert world, and each relates to each other in a different way."
When you say the name Rick Springfield, most women in our generation immediately respond by saying, "that was my first concert
"My favorite writers were always real personal writers. I loved Jackson Browne's early stuff and John Lennon's stuff where you thought he was singing about you when he sang "Help," but he was really singing about himself."
"It's like a life sentence, it's not something I can go to rehab for," Springfield says in the above video. "And that's a
When Springfield appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" back in 2008, he explained that "Jessie's Girl," his chart-topping
A recent documentary, An Affair of the Heart, details the culture of one celebrity and his fans. Rick Springfield has created a community focused on a mantra, "It's not about me; it is about the fan."
Rick Springfield might have been asking himself "What Kind of Fool Am I?" on Friday after he was arrested for failing to
"You don’t have to be perfect. You can buy a f*cking guitar at a garage sale and start a band with your neighbor. And if
"[My wife] is the greatest human being in the world and I'm doing everything can now in my life to show her that she picked