Rick Tyler

Rick Tyler said that it's entirely possible for Cruz to lose the Texas Senate race.
But there is another reason for what might seem rash behavior. Tyler may have felt pressure to deliver, given the current
That's only four. Tyler is perhaps most memorable for his rant against the press early in the Republican primary when he
Washington, D.C. — Republicans close to Rep. Todd Akin dismissed his apparent weakness among female voters as a matter of
When asked about the matter, Gingrich's campaign spokesman, R.C.Hammond, said Gingrich had severed all ties with American
"What is his policy?" Sharpton thundered. "Reprimanding them, saying they don't have role models in their community is a
And here is the kicker: Six months after Tyler quit the Gingrich campaign, the former aide is in a position to help his former
Gingrich came under fire for taking an extended cruise to various Greek islands soon after his campaign launch. The trip
Tyler's explanation made the payments seem innocuous enough. But a review of tax records for 2009 -- the most current available