Ricki Lake

Women living with hair loss explain the stigmas they face, and how they overcame feelings of alienation.
Looking back at her lengthy career in television and film, Lake says that the intense focus on her weight over the years
"I'm happier than I've ever been," Lake told People of life with Evans back in 2011. "[Christian's] a normal guy. We met
In honor of the fourth season of A Spoonful of Paolo and to celebrate the tremendous work Paolo and Patrick have poured into this series, I am pleased to countdown my 10 all-time favorite episodes of A Spoonful of Paolo, including the one-word that Paolo and Patrick have each shared to describe the chosen episodes.
What would you do if your child had a disease or condition that mainstream medicine couldn't cure? What if you found a medicine that could help your child, but it wasn't legal or commonly accepted as mainstream medicine? Would you break the law to save your child? These are some of the questions the unfinished documentary film, Weed The People addresses.
Opening this week in New York is Breastmilk, the first documentary on nursing that follows five new mothers as they navigate the uncharted waters of breastfeeding.
Photo Credit: Emma Pratte/Center On The Aisle Jennifer Lewis ("What's Love Got to Do With It," "Hairspray," "Black Don't
Lake joined Becker on HuffPost Live this past Friday to discuss why she's so passionate about a woman's right to choose her