Ricki Lake

At first, Lake tells "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" in the above video, she was thrilled to be a part of a story as iconic
This will be the TV star's second divorce. Her first, to illustrator Rob Sussman, ended in 2003 after 9 years of marriage
In honor of the fourth season of A Spoonful of Paolo and to celebrate the tremendous work Paolo and Patrick have poured into this series, I am pleased to countdown my 10 all-time favorite episodes of A Spoonful of Paolo, including the one-word that Paolo and Patrick have each shared to describe the chosen episodes.
What would you do if your child had a disease or condition that mainstream medicine couldn't cure? What if you found a medicine that could help your child, but it wasn't legal or commonly accepted as mainstream medicine? Would you break the law to save your child? These are some of the questions the unfinished documentary film, Weed The People addresses.
Opening this week in New York is Breastmilk, the first documentary on nursing that follows five new mothers as they navigate the uncharted waters of breastfeeding.
An expecting Megan Hilty ("Smash," "Wicked") glowed with her husband, Brian Gallagher at her side joined by New York Pops
"True happiness -- not mania, my feet on the ground," Lake said. "I love working hard, I love playing hard and I like having
Socially and politically, breastfeeding seems to be having a big moment in this country. Unlike the birth process, which happens quickly and is hidden from public view, decisions around breastfeeding follow mothers for several years and become unavoidably public.
Small-screen stars seem to have an affinity for one particular home in the ritzy Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, Calif
Kenya Steven is a mama who is reclaiming and re-defining the feminine woman. Her ability to be true to herself is contagious.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, a source said that CBS had informed NBC and other affiliate stations that "they would
The studio that produced her return to daytime television has announced that The Ricki Lake Show will not be renewed for
I'd been wanting to make homemade yogurt for years. After much trial and error, I finally figured it out and found the perfect recipe for me: a small batch of unsweetened yogurt.
In his earlier blog post, Josh said he came out to his parents at age 13, but described himself as a "traditionalist at heart
When my 8-year-old semi-regularly requests another sibling, I give him a choice: "sibling or mom, because you can't have both." (Fortunately for me, he picks mom every time -- at least for now.)
Do you realize how absurd it is to let your physical body affect your success in the non-superficial arenas of your life? Is one required to possess a law degree from Harvard in order to be qualified to host the Miss America pageant? No? Then why do you think you need to look like Miss America in order to pursue your law degree at Harvard?
We expect celebrities to tie the knot with expensive, over-the-top affairs, so when they don't, we can't help but sit up
One of the key goals for my new talk show has been to create a conversation that is entirely inclusive. With social media, my team and I have been able to start this dialogue with all of you even before our September premiere.