A Rickroll-style trap was laid on Twitter and lots of people fell into it.
It's the first time he's topped the charts in 29 years.
A couple of weeks ago, Jon Stewart set the social media world on fire when he created #McConnelling, where you take a recent
If you liked Rickrolling and Piña Colliding, but want a side of political snark with your memes, then "Daily Show" creation
Avicii's hit song "Wake Me Up" was begging to be rickrolled from the start. It was really only a matter of time before the
Romney has some big fundamental problems. He and his "independent" super PAC can't concentrate their fire on two opponents at one time. There is something about Romney which doesn't work when he's running a positive campaign.
Watch the full video below, or read more about this story on Yahoo News. How did Smith convince his colleagues to undertake
Apple, Inc. canceled a press conference today to address the glitch plaguing the iPhone's alarm function when company chief Steve Jobs failed to show.