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Generally, suitable words cease to exist in the midst of a tragedy. While the horrific terrorism in Brussels is no exception to this, actor Jake Gyllenhaal managed to express a heartfelt sentiment while on the press tour for his new film.
"When we found the Atocha, the state of Florida and the federal government both claimed ownership. Spain didn't make any
Fartman himself has never farted in front of his wife. Howard Stern's wife Beth, who married the shock jock 2008, said in
As for so many of my friends who were present to listen to the president, all the aspects of my life seemed to have come together to help produce positive change. The education, advocacy, community service and political lobbying and maneuvering all have that one goal: to create a better world for the next generation.
Our favorite romantic, Aaron Paul, is doing all men a solid and and dishing out some advice on how to be the best husband
During the interview, "All My Children" fan Donna also asked Lucci what her beauty secrets are. Along with vigilant makeup
When Nick Cannon was diagnosed with lupus in 2012, he didn't allow the health challenges associated with his condition stop
Continued below. "I kind of wanted to put myself in a situation where I had no choice to back out -- even at times when they
When Anderson joined HuffPost Live to chat about her upcoming NBC drama "Crisis," host Ricky Camilleri asked whether there