Vincenzo's Tip: If you try to fry more than two at a time, the oil will start to cool down and you won't get a good result
Watch video recipe: Method: 1. Add approx. 5litres of water to your pot and put it on the stove at a medium-high temperature
What's the difference between marinara and pomodoro sauce? How about ricotta and mascarpone? Aren't ice cream and gelato the same thing? These are just a few of the questions we've asked ourselves when trying to decide what to eat off a trattoria menu. Avoid confusion and impress your dinner crew with this cheat sheet for ordering in Italian, and buon appetito!
A lovely dish: lighter in flavor than pasta alla Norma and hence more springlike, but still identifiably Sicilian.
There are lots of other ways to turn a container of ricotta into a great pasta filling.
Pretty enough for an Italian pastry shop window, this is one light and creamy cheesecake. Sweet, smooth and oh so delicious. Don't be intimidated: Anyone can make these creamy creations.
If the question is "Can you put ricotta on that?" the answer here at Food52 is usually yes.
Could I have done all these things with store-bought ricotta and, say, buttermilk? Yep. Would I? Not in the space of two weeks, that's for sure.
It was delicious -- obviously very fresh and creamy, but also tart and subtly redolent of herbs and garlic.
Four ingredients: bread, ricotta, honey and salt -- the essence of simplicity.
Recently there has been dissent in the ranks in regards to tasting menus, and while we can all agree that more than 10 courses might be construed as excessive, the Accidental Locavore happens to love the freedom involved in a tasting menu.
In Provence, gratins are called "tians" for the colorful earthenware vessel they're cooked and served in. But it's not their name that makes these gratins unusual...
Strawberries! How do I love ye? Let me count the ways.
Pizza, in my opinion, is the number one food that company elevates. Maybe that's why, if you flip through the journal, you'll see that pizza parties dominate the Schmidt scene.
A simple dish that depends on the excellence of the ingredients.
If you can get the makings, you will amaze your guests -- and yourself.
If spring could be embodied in a cheese, we're certain it would be ricotta.
Once you've tasted freshly made ricotta, you'll be hooked!
It tastes sort of like a beautiful cross between a cloud and a stick of butter: at once light and creamy, delicate and rich.