Cooper went on to defend his "basil-scented candle," arguing that it was very expensive and creates a good vibe in the office
Anderson Cooper Ridicules Billy Corgan
In celebration of Anderson Cooper's 47th birthday on Wednesday, the CNN host's colleagues interrupted his "Ridiculist" segment
Warning: this is going to haunt you for the rest of your life. But the best part was probably the guy on the street who literally
Anderson Cooper hit out at designer Karl Lagerfeld on his Thursday show over Lagerfeld's comment that singer Adele is "a
Cooper also threw in a closeup of his best Zoolander/serious anchor face, and said the line, "this is 'Dancing with the Stars
A faux Twitter spat between Anderson Cooper and Conan O'Brien over who has the best TV hair has now spilled over onto their
Anderson also mocked Montag's plastic surgeries, interrupting a clip of Montag detailing the procedures multiple times to
However, in his statement, Cooper explained that he wasn't out to call another network anchor names in order to launch a