Conspiracies Relationships Click here to see Part 1. The Media Using the power of tweet embedding technology, we make celebrities
Using the power of tweet embedding technology, we make celebrities appear to have ridiculous conversations. See here Donald Trump and Jaden Smith chatting about haters, Mac Miller, and immigration.
There are many layers to Los Angeles than what appears on television. In the music world, there is a flavor for every taste as long as you have the wherewithal to look. Quality music can be found in underground warehouses, dive bars, and even street corners.
Spirit Airlines turned Anthony Weiner's comeback campaign and accompanying scandal(s) into a crude advertisement. A computer
There's going all out, and then there's going all out. All jobs require some sort of audition, but in the competitive world
Ahmed tells us about a naked, dancing youth was given an extremely absurd sentence for his 'decadent' crime of indecency.
People can often surprise you with their hidden talents. Some people are born to be concert pianists. Others are incredible
What could possibly make Seal's "Kiss From A Rose" any better than it already is? Well, truthfully, a lot of things. You
The other day, I decided to go 24 hours without using the words “awesome” and “amazing.” A few hours later, I upped the ante
Nothing gets people in a mood to shoot guns and ration gasoline like propaganda, but sometimes it goes a bit over the top.
I want an Operation Rescue operative to knock down the door to the bathroom and bedroom of every man in America, and keep an eye on all of them so that they cannot masturbate.
When it protected Limbaugh and his fellow wing-nuts, they were content to be "just entertainers." Now that they've been outed