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A standout movie of the early 2000s joins Netflix.
The new film will reportedly focus on the nephew of Joaquin Phoenix's evil Commodus character.
"I immediately wanted to make a film with Spacey," the Italian director said.
Producer Judd Apatow called the story “so messed up that it is almost hard to believe. Almost.”
“You can’t tolerate any kind of behavior like that," the director said, referring to allegations of sexual misconduct against Spacey.
Ridley Scott’s upcoming film 'All The Money In The World' will no longer include actor Kevin Spacey. He’s being replaced with Christopher Plummer.
The passage of time has become synonymous with something negative. For instance, over time we age – a negative. In this age
PAUL SIMON / THE CONCERT IN HYDE PARK When many of Paul Simon’s fans discover their hero is releasing a new album, they assume
Alien Covenant is bringing the bloodthirsty xenomorphs back to the big screen. The stars of the new movie discuss the first time they saw *that* scene in the original and the effect it had on them.
With a new "Alien" movie about to open, Scott warns that real ETs "are a lot smarter than we are."