riff raff

Hip hop can evoke any number of feelings from its listeners. It can enrage, engage, soothe and inspire; it can make you laugh, cry, and question everything. It reforms the standard musical structure by taking the emphasis off of melody and focusing on rhythm, cadence and lyrics.
The 32-year-old, who was once featured on MTV's "From G's to Gents," has been training with Hulk Hogan since December to
No matter where your interests lie on the musical spectrum, there should be something for you. So, if you're looking for a few new tunes to liven up your summer workouts, this month's playlist will give you 10 great places to start.
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Perry was married to comedian Russell Brand for a little over a year before calling it quits in December 2011. Last Thursday
"Yes, I'm a millionaire. Yes, I'm a movie star; yes, I have millions of views; yes, I drive expensive cars; yes, I go to
Riff Raff just learned Southern hospitality only goes so far ... he was arrested early Sunday morning in North Carolina after
Riff Raff has gone from being an internet sensation with a cult fan base to a lightning rod in the music community.
"Over the last few months, things have really changed in my life," the rapper continued. "Things are getting bigger and bigger
"If I wanted to be accepted in the hip-hop community, I would be dating black girls and over here hanging out with rappers