right to counsel

A GOP ad attacked Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine for previous work as a defense lawyer.
By Ann Dibble, Director, Tenants' Rights, New York Legal Assistance Group Every day, NYLAG attorneys meet tenants who have
An appeals court basically told the kids, "Good luck!"
Legal advocacy for the vulnerable is absolutely critical to protecting human rights and accessing justice. In Tunisia, many of the accused have been in custody for days or even weeks before they are appointed a lawyer.
It is important to note that, just as seeking the right to counsel in certain limited types of cases does not diminish the
In 1963, the United States Supreme Court held in Gideon v. Wainwright that poor criminal defendants are entitled to legal representation at the state's expense. Unfortunately, the vision of the Gideon decision has never been realized at the state level.
Guaranteeing a right to counsel for tenants who face eviction would foster equality, prevent homelessness and give a fighting
Judge Jane Kelly is still available, should the next president be listening.
To have a fair and even playing field for all who face the criminal justice system, it is essential that indigent defendants have access to an effective lawyer at their bail hearings. The federal and state governments must recognize the critical importance of a lawyer's presence during the pretrial stage.
In Onondaga, Suffolk and Schuyler counties, the report says, defendants are regularly arraigned with no lawyer present. It