right to die

Bobbie was suffering from advanced lung cancer when she told me, "Let’s talk about this assisted suicide thing."
The state attorney general has five days to file an emergency appeal challenging the ruling.
The Australian scientist and botanist died at an assisted-dying clinic in Switzerland.
It is the sixth state with a so-called “right-to-die” or “death with dignity” law.
Jerika Bolen, 14, wants to celebrate before she turns off her ventilator and ends her fight against a rare disease.
The law was inspired by Brittany Maynard, who moved to Oregon to end her own life.
Government gridlock means there’s no universal set of rules on who can opt to end their lives.
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It's an option for patients with no more than six months to live.
In On My Own, Diane Rehm shares with readers her experience of early grief after losing John Rehm, her husband of 54 years. Rehm's attempt to discover who she will be without her life mate, offers up questions any of us might consider when faced with a loss of similar magnitude.
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We took our baby girl home from the hospital soon after we took her off life support. We signed "Do Not Resuscitate" documents and we were assigned hospice care especially for children. It took 21 days. With each cavernous minute, I prayed for death to be swift.