Rights of Nature

Mihnea Tanasescu, Vrije Universiteit Brussel In the early 2000s, the idea of giving legal rights to nature was on the fringes
There was something almost apocalyptic about 2013. But much happened that was hopeful this year -- a new pope focused on inequality, successful minimum wage campaigns spread across the country, and the number of states allowing gay marriage doubled.
As the World Bank warns, a possible 4 degree Celsius increase in global temperatures by the 2060s will lead to a "transition of the Earth's ecosystems into a state unknown in human experience."
An environmental rights movement must begin with and be led by students, by workers, by communities, by congregations -- by the people, who know that respect for the rights of nature preserves our own rights and well-being.
Which suitor shall we choose? Which suitor do you choose? In practice, our current system design concentrates wealth and