rikers island

Many have no access to air conditioning and are being punished for taking off their shirts, one advocacy group said.
The president's former campaign manager was expected to be transferred to the notorious New York City jail sometime this month.
Queens produces much of the city's dirty electricity and houses most of its prisoners. A new package of bills aims to "right wrongs."
Trump's former campaign chair, who now faces state fraud charges, is already serving a seven-plus year federal sentence.
Shirell Powell thought her sibling was brain-dead, but he was actually in a New York jail on an unrelated charge.
Browder spent three years at Rikers Island without being convicted of a crime.
There should not be a price tag on justice.
It's part of a larger plan to close all nine facilities on the island.
I recently read the heartbreaking story of Pedro Hernandez ― a Bronx teen jailed at Rikers Island for a year, although witnesses
Naquan Hill, 24, a burglary suspect, was found on the island.
“I’m so tired of the system. Juvenile detention to adult prison ... All those years behind bars, but I never got the help