rikers island

An interview with social worker Patricia Kim, who goes to work daily in a jail slammed by the coronavirus.
Prisons across the nation have become COVID-19 hotspots, as institutions are unable to maintain social distancing rules, and often have a lack of sanitary supplies. Many states have considered releasing prisoners who pose no threat to society. But how many prisoners are actually being released? Turns out, not many. Donald Kagan and Basil Powell are two formerly incarcerated people who were released during the global pandemic.
HuffPost spoke to three women with serious health problems who fear the coronavirus could kill them.
Seven men in the New York City jail complex told HuffPost they are afraid to die in the filthy environment.
New York's Andrew Cuomo promised to release people imprisoned on technical parole violations — but over 500 remain at the heavily infected jail complex.
The COVID-19 infection rate in NYC jails is 87 times higher than the overall U.S. rate, and prisoners have no way to protect themselves.
Dozens of people at Rikers have tested positive for COVID-19. Why is the city moving prisoners there from a nearby jail?
The former producer will stay in the medical wing of the notorious New York detention facility.
The former producer was rerouted to a Manhattan hospital after his trial.
The notorious prison could close its doors forever by 2026 -- if everything goes to plan.