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Houston resident Larry Lewis said a fluke in his Ring camera made it look like he was being beamed up to outer space.
Can you spot the difference in the Duchess of Sussex's band?
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The signature Lover's Bench is the site of the Hochzeit... Futher on the trail beside the lake, where you may spot a fitness
Former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe just walked down the aisle! But, er, not in a wedding dress exactly.
We ladies take the ring quite seriously. In most cases, it's a reflection of how committed the man is to the relationship. While some of us like to be surprised when he pops the question, the rest of us wish to be doubly sure he serves us the ring of our dreams.
If you like it, then you should put one of these rings on it. 💍
The suspect twisted the dead woman's finger to remove the band.
By Phil Mutz, writer at LittleThings More From LittleThings: Daughter Surprises Terminal Father With Wedding Dress On Prom
The annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a behemoth: 170,000 attendees, 3800 exhibitors and, like the dragons in Game of Thrones, each year it gets bigger, more fearsome and less manageable.
2. Vocalizing our expectations Because Tara and her husband had lived together for three years before they tied the knot
Finally, last, is Google's OnHub router. It's an attractive conical device that is not inexpensive, but I can't for the life
Jeweler David Yurman is likely feeling some payne right about now.  Police allege Doris Payne, an unassuming-looking 84-year
The Oscars are all always about the glitz and the glamour from head to toe, but at the 2015 Academy Awards, we noticed a red carpet trend we weren't predicting: the absence of some engagement rings!
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Now's the time to starting thinking about what to get your special someone for Valentine's Day. Flowers and chocolates are always nice but giving is more fun when you get creative. Below are some ideas that are guaranteed to delight any of the loves in your life!
Tennessee woman Jodi Eastgate thought her wedding ring was lost forever when it was accidentally thrown into a five-ton hotel trash compactor last week. But thanks to a persistent hotel staff member, that ring is now back on Eastgate's finger.