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Despite our profound love for elephants and amazement at their very existence, humans have a unique, inexplicable capacity to bring pain and suffering to individual elephants as we simultaneously engage in behaviors that hasten their demise in the wild.
It was a very humbling season to say the least, to go from capacity arenas to navigating the audition grind. In my mind, that's
Continuing to demonize animal venues would be a sell-out of the movement's higher mission. Circuses and zoos can be among the strongest and most effective allies for animal protection, if we mix pressure with praise, and collaborate with integrity.
It's surely one of the biggest announcements of the modern era in animal protection: Ringling Bros. has announced that it will cease its use of elephants in its traveling circus. Get the confetti and streamers. Grab the kids and the dog. Put on the party hat. Head over to the parade. Jump on what remains of the fallen wall and raise your arms.
In October, PETA used the U.S. presidential election to sway public sentiment. A PETA activist in an elephant suit trailed
A year-long Mother Jones investigation published in 2011 detailed the routine abuse of elephants in the name of entertainment
Actress Olivia Munn recently blogged for HuffPost about Sarah, a 54-year-old elephant with a chronic infection, forced to