Android Device 1. Download the Rick Steves Europe Android Ringtone by right-clicking on this MP3 file and saving it to your
He's sending out an SMS. Sting visited "The Tonight Show" on Thursday to talk about his Broadway play, "The Last Ship," and
Among his favorite compositions, he said, are the ringtones that stray from the "beaten path," such as New York trombonist
Nokia was looking at some of its numbers when somebody noticed that the popularity of classical music ringtones was pretty
The only time you should have an audible ring is if you are expecting a call so important that if you don't get it, you or
A new condition is spreading across the country -- PVS -- Phantom Vibration Syndrome. Millions of people are reporting symptoms of feeling a buzz in their pockets, purses and jackets where no such vibration occurred.
The world is a-twitter over the revolutionary implications of new technologies that young people almost instinctively understand and older people just don't get.
How can the GOP get more votes in the future, even if it doesn't diversify its monikers? Perhaps by assembling a synergistic coalition of "hockey moms" and "NASCAR dads."