Rio 2016

In the 1980s, those in the USSR who still thought they were on top of the world must have felt the scales fall from their
Paul and Gary O’Donovan risk being dubbed "Ireland's gift to the world" all over again.
Tennis star Monica Puig clearly left her mark on the 2016 Rio Olympics.
People in the favelas found their voice protesting the games' broken promises.
Rio De janeiro is so beautiful that is almost magical.
Our society praises winners but shares nothing about the hardship we overcome to win.
The United States must recognize that a new era of eternal conflict with Russia will only make global challenges harder to
“His attitude to disability is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before.”
"You don't need to see to take photographs. My eyes are in my heart"
"To those athletes that have been impacted, we regret that criminals have attempted to smear your reputations in this way."