Rio Grande

“It is our fault," President Nayib Bukele said of the drowning in the Rio Grande.
Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez and daughter Valeria drowned on the bank of the Rio Grande.
Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez and daughter Valeria drowned on the bank of the Rio Grande.
Their bodies were reportedly found in or near Anzalduas Park in Texas.
A huge barrier will seal off 70 percent of a wildlife sanctuary closest to the Rio Grande.
Before departing for McAllen, Texas, President Donald Trump said he would almost “definitely” declare a national emergency if he doesn’t get funding for the border wall. He also denied having ever promised that Mexico would directly fund the wall.
Rev. Paris Wallace could be the latest to die in pursuit of the elusive bounty.
A spokeswoman for the interior secretary says his remarks were misconstrued.
They had three minutes to see their loved ones days after Trump's executive order.
The falling sun in west Texas. Image credit: Jonathan Irish Texas may be the Lone Star State, but there are 2,000 more stars
So much was off-limits to me because of my culture and my traditional parents. I was not allowed to have sleepovers or sleep at anyone's house. When I wanted to skateboard, I was firmly told no. That was for boys. Besides, good girls stay home to mind their business, but boys could stay out because, well, they were boys. It was their birthright.
LA PAZ, Bolivia -- It is simple: if Trump can blame U.S. problems on small neighbors like Mexico, ascribing conspiracy plots to their "devious" government and agitate American voters to hate Mexicans, then strongmen like Venezuela's Maduro can more credibly blame the economic catastrophe they have caused in their own countries on "the U.S. empire" and justify a cruel domestic political crackdown.
Filming with animals can be a lot more complicated than filming with people and it takes a lot more preparation than one might think. One wants it to go well, so one can never be prepared enough.
A congressional tour of the southern border turned gruesome earlier this month, when a trio of Republican lawmakers came
If you haven't visited lately, or ever, please do stop by. Here's what I like best about this city on Route 66.