Rio Tinto

Disappointed by the unambiguous rejection of his company's charges of EPA misconduct, Pebble's CEO Tom Collier immediately condemned the investigation he'd requested as "an embarrassing failure" and a "whitewash".
Canadian exploration company Northern Dynasty Minerals is the only partner remaining in the once formidable Pebble Partnership - the poorly-funded proponent of the reckless scheme to build a massive mine in the headwaters of the world's greatest wild salmon fishery.
When someday the story of the Pebble Mine is told, 2014 may be best remembered as the year when all that remained of the once formidable Pebble Partnership was a bunch of lawyers for hire.
Native Americans, particularly the Apache tribe in the area, say digging a massive mine under their ancestral lands will
The National Defense Authorization Act of 2015 sets the parameters for spending some $585 billion over the next year, including
Members of Congress complained that a deal to give sacred Native American forest land to Rio Tinto, a partner in mining with Iran, skirts the will of Congress.
Rio Tinto has pursued the deal for a decade, and it was apparently pushed into the NDAA largely thanks to Sen. John McCain
A BLM official was not immediately able to determine the status of that review, but agreed with Grijalva that if the land
A review of lawmakers' recent financial disclosure forms finds that those facts have not made Rio Tinto a toxic stock for
This mounting army of workers worries incessantly and survives only because of government and family assistance. CEOs and corporations gorge themselves on profits made on the suffering of workers trapped in this life of frightening instability called the precariat.