The co-founder of the Rise Above Movement is among those arrested on charges that include trying to incite riots.
"The president is now inventing nonexistent domestic riots," notes the Washington correspondent for The Toronto Star.
Union workers vowed not to support "hate group" accommodation for those attending the upcoming rally.
It’s been around for more than one hundred years, but the Labor Day holiday had bloody beginnings.
A new “superbody” assembly has been formed in Venezuela, taking power from its elected government. It’s feared President Nicolas Maduro will use the assembly to rewrite the constitution, to make himself a dictator.
Educators say it's essential to teach students about the riot in a city that still faces racial division.
Sometimes, things get out of control. Take, for example, mass gatherings.
Our allegiance to what we think are sacred principles all too often leads us to the demonic and profane. Sports are no different.
Over those tough three days and weeks that followed, my colleagues at the NYC Commission on Human Rights and I took to the
Riots seem shocking to modern Americans, but college students riot with almost predictable regularity in this country.
Don't get me wrong, I believe there are many well-intended people within the Black Lives Matter movement. I also believe
There are more of us who want peace than those who practice hate. So much for "The Turner Diaries." Despite his violence
The court sentenced 12 other people to seven years in jail for their role in the Gujarat riots that left 69 Muslims dead.
We need to understand something. This one-time joke has become a menace to society.
The first of the police officers who were charged with Freddie Gray's death goes on trial at the end of November. The judge has imposed a gag order on all the participants. But it hasn't held back various voices from commentary on what went wrong and what could happen.