rising sea level

The village of Innaarsuit fears a devastating tsunami if the mountain of ice plunges into the sea.
"Cruelly, it will be the poor that will suffer the most."
"We won't see a presidential candidate like Bernie again in our lifetimes." As I heard these words, spoken by a woman at a Sanders campaign event recently, I felt a chill go through me. Because I knew she was right. We won't.
We just feel like today will be the day someone jumps out and yells "April Fools! Biff from Back to the Future II isn't really running for president! And a madman isn't actually in charge of a nuclear-armed country." Right? Right?
As my colleague, Kathy McLeod, The Nature Conservancy's Director for Coastal Risk and Investment says; "Miami-Dade is one
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A new study in the journal Nature Geoscience, which comes on the heels of NOAA's record temperature announcement, finds that
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