rising strong

We aren't Catholic, but I decide for Lent I'm abstaining from insults and digs, mocking and malice. Cold turkey, I'm giving mankind a break. (No, I don't plan to binge on Easter -- did you see her hat? What about those shoes?)
Image by Utoma Hendra Saputra (www.unsplash.com) How much do you organize your life so as to avoid failure? *Anger is often
Pay very close attention to your internal narrative, Brené Brown says.
With each passing year, the buried trauma wound is covered by successive layers of "sediment" which, because of the forces
With much gratitude because of the profound impact your writing has had on my life, I now understand that we start to rumble
In Rising Strong, Dr. Brene Brown lets you in on exactly that. The logical next step in her research on vulnerability, courage, and worthiness after The Gifts of Imperfection and Daring Greatly, Rising Strong is grounded in thorough science and packaged in practical wisdom.
Brené Brown talks about Jesus and what love looks like. "Jesus is what love looks like made flesh. And it's hard and it's
When I read Brené Brown's books, watch her videos, and witness how the people around me react to what Brené has to say, in some ways it feels like Brené has done the equivalent of introducing our modern society to the color blue.