There's my laptop, my kindle, my Mac desktop, my iphone, my Facebook, my Twitter, my Instagram, my Pinterest, and dozens of podcasts I love. Not to mention my Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon. All these things are great and helpful.
The notion of sleep was formerly revered and also used to help treat health issues for the upper classes until the Industrial Revolution when we did a complete 360 and saw sleep not just devalued but actively scorned.
Of course the first step is to recognize the importance of sleep and validate it socially. Let sleep matter in your own life
The Christian faith is not magic, and the Christian should never believe it is. Christian faith operates within an understanding
Around 18 months ago I wrote an article about my daily rituals. These are the things I always try to do without fail every workday.
Thank you, Prince, for putting your royal personhood, your many gifts, on display so that all who chose to could be graced by them. Your work, your shamanhood and your priesthood, will continue long, long after your death. Beauty does not die nor should it.
After chewing paan, the eater's mouth is typically left with stained red lips and teeth, and causes profuse red coloured salivation. Looking startlingly similar to blood, saliva is usually spat out -- which yields a viscous crimson stain upon whatever surface is spat on.
My half arsed execution is always going to be better than that brilliant idea living in your brain and that's just the truth.
"Hello, sun in my face. Hello, you who make the morning and spread it over the fields." -- Mary Oliver
Maybe you seek inner peace by meditating each morning with mantras or writing in a gratitude journal. Or maybe you have an especially tranquil place that you go to each day without fail to center yourself. And why not? Rituals in our lives can offer lots of benefits.
Now here's where it really gets interesting. By the grace of the Bolero gods and the fact that the recording we were listening
I developed eight ponderables to answer with my community over the eight nights of Chanukah. I post the queries on social media, and I enjoy my friends' responses.
Picture book crafting challenges me to depict life in its simplest forms. At the same time the craft is multi-dimensional. I've always enjoyed paintings which tell several stories captured in a single frame.
When elements of local culture are not in conflict with religious values they should be adopted freely, because local practices are born out of centuries of wisdom. The death of local practices usually precedes the death of native wisdom.
Fast death takes your breath away. Being with those who have experienced the loss of a loved one by sudden, traumatic injury, takes an immense skill set and not just a credential like FEMA 101.
Ready to shake up your morning routine? Here are 11 inspiring ideas for your morning ritual. You might like to try mixing and matching your top three.
Your question shouldn't be, "How do we prepare the kids?" Everyone will be affected. Even if you adopt another pet in the future, everyone's life will change when Barney is gone. Instead, ask, "How do we all get through this? Barney is part of your "pack." And now you must say good bye and mourn him as a family.
Remember, your religious beliefs are not you. They are simply part of the medium you were cultured in when you were raised.