Some rescued floaters tried to swim away from Canadian shores, for fear of not having documentation.
Canterbury is famous for its magnificent cathedral. But a pleasant surprise for me was this relaxing little riverboat ride
While the Munduruku are working to get official recognition and the rights that come with it, the rest of us also have a
What contributes to the challenge is the fact that mental illness is not considered socially acceptable. Brain cancer we
We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that theseDaily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness
Soca River by Andreas Resch on 500px Solkan Bridge by Beno Saradzic on 500px Lepenjica by Andreas Resch on 500px If the Soca
Starting today, I will present you a lifetime adventure and another kind of holiday for those who love to discover new lands, nature, secluded villages, history, culture, amazing people, great food, art and entertainment, sea, mountains, cities, architecture, music and fashion, old churches and secret destinations of the world.
Early winter yields some interesting photographic opportunities often overlooked by those waiting for dramatic, in-your-face displays of nature. A narrow window exists between the time water changes to ice on lakes, rivers, and streams, and this period can produce some of the most interesting ice patterns of the season.
The teacher, who was on board a prize-winning raft he had invented, dialed 911, and hurried over to the drowning man, whose