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The mosque is about 75 miles from San Bernardino.
What if the Denver Broncos became the Bridgeport Broncos? Or LeBron's Cavaliers played their home games in Riverside, California? Denver and Cleveland fans: calm down -- this isn't going to happen. But, from at least one perspective, it wouldn't be totally crazy if it did.
New Yorkers can sleep well again, knowing that a coyote seen roaming the city has been tranquilized and captured. However, I confess that I am not really all that relieved.
No doubt some millennial whippersnapper will ask why, if you have a cell, anyone needs a wired home phone. Okay, maybe one line for fax but an actual non-battery table-top phone -- no way.
Authorities later found Wiggins' torso and legs buried at a residence where Montelongo once resided. Montelongo, who also
It was Fellowship Community Church and School, located in Lillie, Louisiana. Formed in the early 1900s, the first teacher
Carrillo posted the recorded conversation on YouTube Friday. In her video, Carrillo claims the abuse occurred when she was
Of course, doing that is harder than it sounds. Many board members have no training in what it means to be an effective fundraiser
The student senate at UC Riverside voted on March 6 to divest from companies doing business in Israel.
I was most recently inspired by the actions of four 10-year-old girls. Two of them were my own. Go figure. It was an unexpected, surprising and life-changing moment as a mom.
ACCE and the organizations supporting De Los Santos are not convinced by this argument and plan to expand their protest. A
Chase's foreclosure department put the house, located at 3270 Layton Court, up for sale, even as the bank's own loan modification
"I didn't do anything wrong. I'm doing this for my family and for the millions of other families in similar situations. We can't let the Wall Street banks and Freddie Mac get away with these kinds of practices."