Riverside, California

California's Riverside school district called the teacher's behavior "offensive" and "completely unacceptable" while announcing her leave from the classroom.
Carmen Long of Riverside, California, said she's happy "to bring a little bit of Halloween joy for everyone" during the coronavirus pandemic.
“Troublemakers were gone," one Rubidoux High School teacher wrote on Facebook. "Fantastic day!"
NCLR is here to serve our community and we stand ready to work together to make our nation a safer and more equal one for every LGBT person. If you are interested in enacting similar policies in your community please don't hesitate to reach out to us.
The deceased individual was later identified as Miguel Angel Perez, 33, of Pomona. Police said that Perez lived in a vacant
The next day, Jeffrey Warren decided to return the money to the Martin Luther King Senior Citizens Club, CBS Los Angeles
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Last month, the Allentown Morning Call published a lengthy expose of brutal working conditions at a distribution center for
Javier Enrique Perez was 16 when he bent the younger child over a kitchen table in 2008 and assaulted him with a toy while
Authorities found Hall, a 32-year-old plumber, dead inside his Riverside home at about 4 a. m. Sunday. He died of a single
Authorities in Southern California are investigating the slaying of a well-known white supremacist leader who was shot and
LAS VEGAS (AP) -- An international study says Las Vegas has one of the worst economies in the world, and prospects for a
I keep running into people I know at my town's local homeless shelter. I go there to serve and I come away feeling I myself have been served with a healthy dose of reality, humbleness, and grace.
PMI, a mortgage insurance provider, recently released its quarterly report on the U.S. real estate market, and listed what
As Americans struggle with the aftermath of the health care reform bill, and try to determine exactly what it means for themselves and their families, the homeless population is often ignored.
At least one of the risky money-making schemes from the pre-crisis era has resumed in full force. As Bloomberg noted yesterday